I Do Not Want What I Have Not Got

2023 Russo Lee Gallery

Willie featured at Russo Lee Gallery in Portland Oregon. On display: Walking sticks and work from a recent venture into Monotypes
In My Own LIttle Corner - Front Porch with Swing

In My Own Little Corner

Funded by the Oregon Community Foundation – Creative Heights grant, will takes us through his early years growing up a Gay Black child in the rural South.

The exhibit was shown at the Oregon Contemporary Art Center from August through October, 2022.

Little’s careful and virtuosic attention to detail makes these spaces, which in someone else’s hands could easily register as staged set pieces, feel real and fully inhabited by people we cannot see.
Jennifer Rabin – orartswatch.org

And Miles to Go Before We Sleep

Words, they can sting, can hurt. This installation is a metaphorical and spiritual journey to enlightenment. We must take to heal the divides of race and class in America.

Where I grew up Black and white farms stood side by side divided by fence. Things said about race, on one side of the fence, were equally said on the other; just never together

The Shacks My Daddy Built

Exhibited a Froelick Gallery in Portland Oregon, August 5th – 29th, 2020

Froelick Gallery

America’s Whispered Truths

Archer Gallery @ Clark College in Vancouver, WA. America’s Whispered Truths is an exhibition consisting of work by Renee Billingslea and Willie Little compiling work from both of them with the goal to address some of America’s social dilemmas on Race & Black Lives Matter.

Nodder Doll/Living Doll

In the series Nodder Doll/ Living Doll, the nodder dolls …bobble head-picaninny banks, made of ceramic and chalk.. were made in Japan in the 1950s. They were marketed and sold to white America as a novelty representing Black Americana.

“I defiantly reclaim, re-present them; to elevate and celebrate their beauty from the ill-conceived form of degradation they originally represent.” Willie Little

Juke Joint

This installation was inspired by childhood memories, vivid scenes playing like movie reels in his  head as an imaginative little boy growing up off Pactolus Highway near Little Washington, North Carolina in the late 60s, early 70s.

Smithsonian Permanent Collection


My family’s tobacco farm off Sticks Road, near Little Washington, NC, was a place where life seemed as rich, as the soil beneath our swollen feet…

Willie Little

In the Hood- 2014

They want to take America back? From whom? To where? At what cost? ​ In the Hood exploits the KKK’s symbol of racism in America. According to Wikipedia, “the Ku Klux Klan informally known as the Klan or the “Hooded Order”, s the name of three distinct past and present far-right organizations in the United States.

A Door to American Culture, 2000

A Door to American Culture is an examination and celebration of the black woman as a path to understanding American culture. The work embraces the reality that the black woman has played in nurturing American Culture.

Harvey Gantt Center Charlotte, NC