Black Portrait Artist

Calling on his diverse skillset, Willie has worked as a Black portrait and figurative artist from the beginning. When the other kids in class were drawing stick figures, Willie was drawing women in long flowing gowns.

Black Portrait Art by Willie Little - Depicting the Black Woman as an important piece of American Culture.

Sticking with the theme of the strong Black woman, we feel many emotions as we gaze upon his portrait work.

In the work A Door to American Culture, Willie celebrates the Black woman as a “…one of the paths to understanding American culture.”

In his piece American Obsession, we’re taken in by a Black woman in a white gown and a chain linked to her wrist. that leads to an assault rifle. We’re left wondering if the gun is hers or if its representative of the senseless killing of the unarmed Black men and women in America today.

His latest piece Still I Rise is a painting of Maya Angelou with a blood red background and a serious Maya begging us to ask ourselves why we’re shedding the blood of her Black people.

From early on in life, Willie learned that Black women were not only the stabilizing force for their Black families but also for many white families as they performed the family duties that white women were unwilling to perform.

With many Black portrait artists to see, Willie’s work is unique in its concentration on the Black woman. Each portrait… captures us… looks directly into our eyes and asks us:

“When is enough, enough?”

Take a look at the recent piece on Maya Angelou. And a sneak peak at a piece depicting his “two momma’s”.

The gallery here shows an additional element with the tea bagger dress. Read more about the Tea Bagger dress here.

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