Willie’s abstract painting comes from what he refers to as his “rural aesthetic. His work continues the theme through his use of rust and decay found throughout these pieces (Oxidation paintings), while, retelling the decay of old structures in the South where Willie grew up and mirroring the decay, we’ve seen in society today. What many define as discardable, ugly or an eyesore, Willie recaptures the essence of its beauty at this stage of life.

Showplace at Client’s Washington, DC Home

This 48 x 60 x 2 oxidation painting, Tahoe So Blue, is full of rich blues and vibrant rusts demands to be noticed and admired in this beautiful client’s home in Washington D.C.

Truro, MA Client Home

A beautiful setting deserves beautiful art. Willie’s multimedia painting, Orange Anaconda, with oil, wax medium and rust medium,48 x 40 x 3, is a focal point displayed in a client’s beautiful, celebrated, modern home in Truro, MA.

More Abstract Paintings

A Gallery of abstracts

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