Little's work celebrates his rural upbringing while documenting a fading part of the American landscape. According to Bill Gaskins," Little is the viewer, listener and participant of his environments, paintings

and assemblages. The work has been presented in a wide range of experiences, observations, and sights from this skilled spirit-driven artist, storyteller, editorialist and native son of the American South."

Excavation/ oxidation paintings are a natural progression in my creative process. The use of layers

of oil paint, wax medium and rust medium makes for dynamic surfaces sometimes reminiscent of

rusty tin roofs or things found in an archaeological dig.

Assemblage and installation pieces are layered with humor, irony, complexity and contradiction. They speak with an unabashed honesty that engulfs environments with a sense of surreal sense of reality as they critique portions of America's social dilemmas. They invite us to open our minds, hearts to speak

to unexpected truths.

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Topics:History, Social Justice/ Social Commentary, This Is America, Black Lives Matter,  The Resilient Strong Black Woman, Black, Gay, Rural South.

© 2018 Willie Little

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