In the Sticks - Willie Little

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Willie Little's debut as a published author. With stories about his childhood, growing up poor, black and gay in the rural south and stories about being among the first black children to go to desegregated schools, you will be transported to a world most of us would not otherwise know.

The book has many images of Willie's artwork that capture the time. It is a great read. A few reviews are already in: In the Sticks is like sitting in the summer grass, smoking a stolen cigarette, infatuated again, suddenly dumbstruck by clouds of lightning bugs wafting up from the sweet-smelling honeysuckle, and running to punch holes in the lids of old Duke’s mayonnaise jars to capture their lightning, yet knowing even then that we were defying gravity. Willie Little, however, has done just that. - Timothy B. Tyson Available at: Lulu Press


Willie Little is a Black artist and storyteller from North Carolina who currently splits his time between Oakland, CA and Portland Oregon.

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