New Work

Red Triptych

This triptych, the paintings are obviously red in color. They are considered blood red. Some of the words omitted, perhaps are symbolically covered in the senseless bloodshed inflicted upon American people of color. The American Flag colors are dominant throughout the series. While the two abstract paintings employ words with either messages or responses to today’s social dilemmas, the center piece looks forward to a day of sweet hope, a day where America can move forward beyond all the divides of race and class.

Breathe.. I Can't 

On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner died in Staten Island, New York City, after a New York City Police .... his hands to push Garner's face into the sidewalk. Garner is heard saying "I can't breathe" eleven times while lying face down on the sidewalk.

No Tea, No Shade

The slang expression “No Tea, No Shade,” meaning “No disrespect, but… this statement is true” is common in the drag community, where T means “truth.”

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