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© 2018 Willie Little

      In the Sticks
      Memoir/ Art Book


For the last twenty years I have worked as a visual artist and storyteller. In the Sticks is the story of how I grew up, who I grew up with, what I experienced in the first years of integrated schools, and who I became.

"In The Sticks" is a coming of age story, and a portrait-gallery of his family dynamics; folks from a time gone by, told with candid humor and a keen eye for human foibles. It depicts a part of the south during a time of radical change and seldom talked about outside the pages of Zora Neale Hurston and Richard Wright. It is a memoir pervaded by love, shame, and reconciliation, as well as the pop culture of the late 'sixties, and early 'seventies.  Little's memoir relays how art became his destiny- as seen in his life-sized sculpture installation, Juke Joint, and it shows how art helped him to overcome marginalization as a gay black man.

The 92 page book includes 20 illustrations of Little's art, personal photos, a foreword by art historian and independent curator Bruce Guenther and a testimony by author and historian Timothy B.Tyson.  The book was published by CuratorLove with grant funding awarded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, OR.   ISBN 978-0-359-97447-4

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